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Cleaning & Repair

The Associated Fire Safety Maintenance cleaning and repair facility is the longest running repair centre for firefighting equipment in Western Canada. Our longevity, highly trained staff, and standards are what give us the expertise to retain our great customer base, and grow upon it year after year. We feel very strongly that keeping our customers happy is what drives the core of the business.

Since 1994 we have developed our repair and maintenance centre from just a small facility that could house only a few garments, to now a facility that is able to keep up with our enormous turnover of cleaning and repairs from both large and small departments alike. In the past our customers have relied on our expertise and extensive knowledge on every issue to do with garments, fabrics/materials, and all aspects of the cleaning and repair process.

Furthermore, our ISP (Independent Service Provider by Intertek) verified cleaning, repair, and maintenance centre shows that we do not only have a vast knowledge of all aspects of the cleaning, repair, and maintenance process, but exceed the standards implemented by the NFPA 1851 (Standard on selection, care, and maintenance of protective ensembles for structural fire fighting and proximity fire fighting).

Buying new Turn-Out-Gear is always a thing to look forward too, having said that, we would like to help you extend the life of that gear by proper cleaning and maintenance. We can do our best to work around any departmental budgets; therefore we look forward to your call to get you set up on your personalized repair and maintenance plan.