Checkers RC5500 Aviation Wheel Chock

Checkers - RC5500 Aviation Wheel Chock-01

  • MONSTER® RC5500 GENERAL PURPOSE WHEEL CHOCKS feature a triangular design that is used by the aviation industry worldwide. They are composed of durable rubber that make them strong and safe in industrial applications. These chocks are resistant to damage from UV, moisture, salt, and oils. Their horizontal traction ribs grips the tire and road and will not cause tire or pavement damage. The chock design also allows either side to be positioned against tire. RC5500 Wheel Chocks are built to suit a variety of applications in the construction, utility, and other commercial industries.
    • Triangular design used by the aviation industry worldwide
    • High-density rubber
    • Horizontal traction ribs
    • Resistant to the elements
    • Allows either side to be positioned against the tire
    • Replaceable 24 in. polyester rope lanyard
    • Sold as singles with rope or roped together as pairs
    • Specify after model number: S=Single or P=Pair
    • Available in 10, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24 inch lengths