Chemguard Ecoguard

Chemguard - Ecoguard-01

  • Chemguard ECOGUARD is a specially formulated, synthetic fluorine free fire-fighting foam concentrate based on an innovative patented polymer surfactant, low-toxicity hydrocarbon surfactants, and other non-hazardous ingredients. As a result, it is substantially biodegradable and presents the lowest environmental impact of any UL listed Class B fire-fighting foam.

    As an AFFF and Fluoroprotein foam alternative, this advanced formulation produces similar fire-fighting performance as AFFF and Fluoroprotein products while containing no organofluorine components. When used in systems and handline applications, ECOGUARD produces a strong and cohesive foam blanket on the surface of the fuel to extinguish fire and suppress fuel vapor.

    ECOGUARD is intended for use at a proportioning rate of 3% for top-side / handline applications and select sprinkler applications on Class B hydrocarbon type fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, etc. It is also intended for use a proportioning rate of 6% for various other sprinkler applications.

    ECOGUARD is to be used on hydrocarbon fuels only.