Chemguard High Expansion Salt Water

Chemguard - High Expansion Salt Water

  • Chemguard C2-S, High Expansion foam is a multipurpose foam concentrate that forms an effective vapor barrier in hazardous material spill and fire fighting situations. It is also used for fire extinguishment. C2-S is uniquely suited for use with salt water. It is surfactant based, biodegradable, highly water retentive and approved by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute. It is used at a proportioning rate of 2% (two parts product to 98 parts water).
    C2-S Foam Concentrate can be used with high expansion equipment to combat three-dimensional fires where total flooding is the objective (such as marine engine spaces, paint booths, paper warehouses, airplane hangars and mines). When used with high expansion equipment, C2-S foam concentrate produces a stable blanket of bubbles that can quickly build up to help suffocate flames. The long lasting foam also helps prevent re-ignition.