***Clearance*** Denso Paste


  • ***Clearance*** Item never used.
    5.5lb Tub $20
    7.5lb Tub $25
    Primer for Denso Tape and a rust preventative for exposed metal and
    for bedding low temperature insulation.


    Soft brown paste containing moisture displacing and corrosion inhibiting compounds for application by stiff brush or gloved hand at normal ambient temperatures. It does not dry, harden or crack. For the preparation of metal surfaces prior to the application of Denso Petrolatum Tapes. It is also used as a rust preventative for screw threads, valve spindles, wire ropes etc , and temporary protection on exposed metal. It is used as a sealing compound for bedding rigid thermal insulation section.



    Soft petrolatum containing corrosion inhibiting, moisture displacing and flow control additives. It contains no volatile organic components.


    3.Typical Properties

     -Solid Content                                                  >98%

     -Flash Point                                                      180Celsius Degree minimum

     -Specific Gravity                                                1.08

     -Specific Volume                                                925cc/kg

     -Coverage                                                         2-5m2/kg

     -Temperature Range

      For Application                                                 0 Celsius Degree to 40 Celsius Degree

      For Service                                                      -30 Celsius Degree to +55 Celsius Degree


    4.Surface Preparation

    Surfaces should be free from dirt, losse rust, scale or flaking coatings. They may be damp but should no have droplets or continuous film of water.