***Clearance*** Pro-Bar


  • ***Clearance Item, never used.***

    Price: $350.00

    The most utilized tool in the fire and rescue service today! Developed by the Forcible Entry Instructor of the N.Y.F.D. this Halligan-type forcible entry tool is the result of years of research and countless interviews with fire chiefs and firefighters in the F.D.N.Y. and many other large and small departments located in the eastern section of the U.S.


    • Available in 30" length
    • A Halligan-type forcible entry tool
    • Available with or without 1 ring
    • Drop forged, one piece construction, of alloy steel
    • And most important, the fork, adz and point are designed with the correct lengths, widths and tapers to enable the firefighter to effect easy penetration and maximum leverage

    The Pro-Bar is designed for Professionals.