***Clearance*** Lion Commander Gauntlet Gloves (Blue)


  • ***Clearance*** Item never worn.
    Cost: $50.00

    DOM: 2015

    This 2-layer glove provides the best dexterity available and features FireMax leather and the CROSSTECH® DIRECT GRIP® insert.

    * Newly tailored patterns maximize fingertip contact and control. Truer fit allows you to complete tasks without having to remove your gloves.
    * Durasoft® leather affords user both softness and durability at the same time. The shell absorbs 50% less water than previous glove styles, reducing weight on hands to lessen firefighter fatigue.
    * Our CROSSTECH® DIRECT GRIP® Glove inserts combine the moisture barrier and the thermal liner into a single layer giving you a flexible and streamlined insert while maintaining unmatched water resistance and breathability for drier hands.

    * Our safety goals have the firefighter in mind and require us to EXCEED NFPA Standards. Our CROSSTECH® DIRECT GRIP® Glove inserts offer the highest level of thermal stability. They remain waterproof after exposure to 500°F for 5 minutes. Two widely used competitive products failed after this exposure.
    * CROSSTECH® DIRECT GRIP® Glove inserts provide superior abrasion resistance. They remain waterproof after 10,000 cycles of liner against shell -- five times better than competitive polyurethane-based breathable product. (Universal Wear Test Method, FTM 191A-5302)
    * Meets or EXCEEDS criteria for bacteriophage and common chemical liquid penetration resistance. Protects from penetration by blood and body fluids.

    * The FireGuard® Commander meets the glove requirements of NFPA 1971 standard on protective ensemble for structural fire fighting current edition and/or Federal OSHA 29 CFR 1910.156(e)(4) effective 7-1-85 & California OSHA title 8, GISO section 3407, effective 5-4-85. CE certified.

    Sizes available: XS- 3XL

    RATING (1 lowest - 5 highest):
    Dexterity ... 5
    Durability ... 4
    Liquid Resistant Shell ... 5
    Liquid Resistant Insert ... 5
    Insert Breathability ... 5