Flir Thermal Imaging Camera K1


  • The FLIR K1 is a rugged, compact thermal camera that serves as an extra set of eyes on the fire scene, allowing commanders, officers, and inspectors to quickly complete a thorough 360° assessment in total darkness and through smoke. With a bright, integrated flashlight, the FLIR K1 illuminates the scene to help the user steer and manage the crew more effectively. It also displays 160 × 120 pixel thermal images that help users gain additional situation awareness that is not possible with the naked eye.


    Built-in Digital Camera
    320 × 240 pixels
    Detector Type
    Focal plane array, uncooled microbolometer
    Focal Length
    IR Resolution
    160 × 120 pixels
    PPSU Silicon rubber Aluminium, cast
    Packaging Size
    283 × 148 × 103 mm (11.1 × 5.83 × 4.06 in)
    12 µm
    Spectral Range
    8–13 µm
    Tripod Mounting
    UNC 1/4"-20
    Compatible with FLIR software
    FLIR Tools