Power Hawk - P-16 Rescue System

PHK-P-16 Rescue System

  • P-16 Rescue System Features:

    • NO Hydraulics!
    • Lightweight & Portable
    • Rapid Response / No Setup
    • Runs in O2 Depl Atmosphere
    • Quiet Operation
    • Low Maintenance
    • Compact / Saves Space
    • Interchangeable Spreaders and Cutters
    • 70-Degree pivot of Powerhead
    • Power-Blade "Cross-Over" Feature
    • 12 Volts Back-up readily available
    • Simultaneously run accessories such as the Milwaukee Sawzall®, RamFan blower, lights, winches, and more.

    Extremely powerful and uniquely versatile, the Power Hawk Rescue System is unlike any other rescue tool in the world.

    Product Video:
    P-16 Video

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    Product Sheet