Scotty DECON Backpack

Scotty - DECON Backpack

  • The Scotty 4200-DECON is a professional Hand Pump and Backpack system that can be used to apply any kind of water based or liquid de-contamination product. Its features include: a comfortable handgrip attached to a brass tube piston shaft, an inner brass sleeve; fully protected by an outer ABS plastic sleeve and a special, medium expansion air-aspirating nozzle. The hand pump can be "field-stripped" for cleaning without the need of any tools. Made from corrosion-proof materials, it only requires an occasional application of lubricating grease or vasilene on the piston O-ring at the end of the piston shaft.

    The 5 gallon (19 Litre) backpack features a 4" Filler Port with a removable debris screen, a pull-tab is mounted on each side of the pack to assist opening bag during filling, a standard ¾" garden hose thread Outlet Port, 2" wide high strength Nylon webbing shoulder straps (backpack style), protective shoulder pads and a quick release buckle across the chest. For large quantity orders, a number and or logo can be imprinted onto the back-pack.

    • Used for applying liquid de-contamination products batch mixed in the Backpack.

    • Includes a Hand Pump, 5 gallon (19 L) Backpack, 4 foot Pick-up Hose and
    4003 Foam Nozzle.

    • 4" Filler Port and ¾" GHT Outlet.

    • All parts come in Black to accommodate military users.