Unifire Rescue Coring Drill

Unifire - Rescue Coring Drill-01

  • These coring drills are used in collapse rescue to survey for survivors, creating air holes, or to create additional avenues for rescue. With a high power to weight ratio, you will find that these coring drills are perfect for technical search and rescue exercises as well as general collapse rescue operations.
    50cc Kit includes
    1 UF-40 Coring Drill
    2 2" Diamond Coring Drills
    1 2 Gallon Pump Water Can
    1 10 Foot Water Hose With Quick Disconnects
    1 23 Pocket Tool Tote (with an Extra Fuel Cap, Extra Starter Assembly, Spark Plug, and Allen Key)
    1 Watertight, crushproof, bouyant, and dust proof case.
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