Unifire Wildland Chainsaw PS-WF3914

Unifire - Wildland Chainsaw PS-WF3914

  • ● Easily to maneuver
    ● Less filter cleanings with air injection
    ● Low vibration system
    ● Maximum Durability for tough applications
    ● Padded Handles
    ● Top Handle Saw for More Control
    Item No.: PS-WF3914
    Displacement: 39 cc
    Power: 2.3 HP
    Bar Length: 14"
    Chain Size: 3/8" Pitch X .050" Gauge
    Oil Pump: Adjustable Flow
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.72 US Pint
    Bar Oil Tank Capacity: 0.32 US Pint
    Weight: 7.7 lbs.
    Fuel and Oil Mix: 50:1