VS-1 Battery Blower


  • The VSG positive pressure ventilation fan was one of the original variable speed, GFCI compatible Power Blowers to hit the fire service. Today, it's now one of the most popular. Powered by its 1.5 HP motor, the VSG PPV fan is guaranteed to provide high performance, reliable ventilation while running on nearly any rig or house hold wall outlet. The variable speed control makes the VSG perfect for ventilating a wide range of both small and large structures.
    • 70 Minute operating time at full speed
    • Removable lithium-ion battery rated IP65 & quick charges in 4 Hours
    • Lightweight design, welded tubular aluminum frame. Only 52lbs. w/battery 
    • AMCA Certified Air Flow 10,887 cfm 
    • Variable Speed motor rated at IP65
    • Thin-Vane air straightener grill and composite impeller
    • LED flow-path lighting positioned low for visibility below the smoke
    • Tapered lightweight steel shroud maximizes airflow performance
    • Ergonomic patent pending frame design with transverse wheels
    • Small Footprint 22.88″W x 26″H x 11″D (Half the Size of a gas blower)
    • Dynamic Battery Control System that protects the battery during charge/discharge as well as monitors all cells for optimum performance and diagnostics