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Scott Protective Cylinder Sleeves

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Scott Safety is pleased to announce the availability of protective cylinder sleeves to complement its current range of SCBA cylinder products.  As an approved accessory to the SCBA, these protective sleeves offer an added level of protection against the normal wear and tear typically found on breathing air cylinders.

Suitable for both fire and industrial applications, the protective cylinder sleeves are available to fit traditional carbon cylinders in the following configurations:

  •  30-min, 4500 psi (P/N 200952-02)
    •    45-min, 4500 psi (P/N 200952-03)
    •    60-min, 4500 psi (P/N 200952-04)
    •    15-min, 4500 psi (P/N 200952-05)
    •    30-min, 5500 psi (P/N 200952-06)
    •    45-min, 5500 psi (P/N 200952-07)
    •    60-min, 5500 psi (P/N 200952-08)
    •    75-min, 5500 psi (P/N 200952-09)
    •    30-min, 2216 psi (P/N 200952-10)

The protective cylinder sleeves are constructed of a specially compounded fire retardant grade of clear, high durometer, PVC/Plastisol.  The sleeves are easy to use and install over the cylinder, forming a watertight seal and protective barrier against scratches, dents, gouges, and other physical damage.

The protective cylinder sleeves are NIOSH approved and where applicable, NFPA certified as an accessory for the following SCBA products:

•    Air-Pak X3
•    Air-Pak 75
•    Air-Pak NxG7
•    Air-Pak NxG2
•    Air-Pak 50
•    Air-Pak 75i
•    ISCBA
•    ACSi
•    Ska-Pak AT

It is important to understand that while other protective sleeve offerings may be commercially available, only those provided by Scott Safety and its authorized channel partners are approved for use with the Scott SCBA products listed above.  Installation and use of other protective sleeves purchased through a 3rd party would void the NIOSH approval and where applicable, NFPA certification of the Scott SCBA product.