Turnout Gear

Worn or damaged gear is often repairable and a more cost-effective solution than replacement. Associated Fire Safety will repair gear without compromising its original construction to maximize the gear’s performance. We can also repair gear as part of its maintenance, fixing small issues before they become big problems. Departments using Associated Fire Safety for annual maintenance have dramatically decreased their turnout replacement rate and added time to the useful life of the department’s assets.

As a verified independent service provider (UL Certified), our repairs are documented through a Quality Management System to demonstrate our proficiency in performing advanced repairs on turnout gear outer shells, thermal liners, and moisture barriers. 

We clean the tough stuff -  fuels, oils, resins, grease, asbestos and other harmful contaminates. This extends the useful life of your turnout gear, and helps stretch your budget. 

Gear exposed to blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis B or tuberculosis, can be treated with our help. We use an exclusive disinfection and sterilization process for suspected or known blood-borne pathogen contaminants or other viruses and bacteria.