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LION Pipe and Valve Fire Training Prop

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A Live Fire Training Prop for Every Scenario

Intense Flames & Real Heat

The propane-fed system simulates real life fire emergency scenarios for maximum realism.

Operate with Ease

Start and stop evolutions at the push of a button. Plus, quick connect fittings mean you'll be ready to train in minutes.

Simulate a Real Pipe and Valve Fire

Using the Modular Fire Training System, create a scenario that your firefighters are likely to encounter on the job.

Cost-Effective Solution

Built tough to take on evolution after evolution of live fire training.

Dial-up the Realism

This prop - often referred to as a Christmas Tree - resembles a broken propane pipe assembly, and creates the conditions encountered during the control and suppression of an industrial gas pipe emergency. Using multiple burn-zones, flames can initially engulf the base of the assembly. If trainees successfully locate and turn off the supply valve, the fire will diminish. The instructor can initiate a flame flare-up if the trainee is unsuccessful at locating the proper shut-off valve during the training.