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Dri-Dek cushions equipment and when it gets wet, the raised flow-through surface lets air flow for fast drying. It stands up to oils. Grease. Alkalies and solvents. It supports the weight in any climate without cracking or buckling. Installs in minutes, lasts for years.

Dri-Dek is a 12”x12”x9/16” interlocking square made from virgin Oxy-B1 polyvinyl chloride that is flame and chemical resistant. Each square has a knobby, perforated surface with the brand name Dri-Dek in two corners.

Oxy-B1 Vinyl

Tile Size:

14.5oz. per Dri-Dek 12”x12”x9/16” Tile.

Oxy-B1, Ultraviolet Stabilizers

Tensile Strength:
2750 PSI (ASTM D 412)

Weather Resistance:
96% retention of Elongation
107% retention of 100% Modulus
98% retention of Tensile Strength
99% retention of Color (Weatherometer @ 720 hours)
Elongation: 348%

Temperature Range:
Designed for continuous environments from -30° F and not exceeding 167° F (ASTM D 746)

Chemical Resistance:
Resistant at ambient temperature to inorganic acids, oils, grease, detergents, brine and organic solvents except Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK), Tetra Hydro Furan (THF), Demethyl Formamide (DMF), Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone (MIBK) and Phosphate Ester. Dri-Dek will withstand < 50% Nitric Acid concentration.

Dielectric Strength:
500volts/Mil (ASTM D 149) (non-conductive)

Insulation Resistance:
1000 Megaohms/1000ft. (UL 82-106)

Volume Resistivity:
1 x 10” ohm-cm (ASTM 257057T)

Flame resistant. Passed Vertical Flame Test UL 94V-O