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Scotty Wrench Mount

Scotty - Wrench Mount
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The Scotty 4580 Mounting Bracket enables a Scotty 4578 Drum & Pail or a Scotty 4579 Super Spanner to be secured in place on a wall or in a cabinet, etc.... The Bracket can be fastened vertically, horizontally or at virtually any angle. Once the Bracket is fastened in place, the Wrench can then be pulled out of and snapped back into the Bracket. Installation Instructions: 1. Insert the Wrench to be mounted into the bracket. 2. Preposition the Bracket and ensure the Wrench can be easily removed and reinserted. 3. Using the Bracket as a template, mark two points for drilling pilot holes. 4. Use a 1/8" drill to make two pilot holes for the included #10 Sheet Metal Screws.