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Citrosqueeze Turn Out Gear Cleaner

BKB-SQ5G-Citrosqueeze 5 gal
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CitroSqueeze is formulated to remove the harmful and stubborn hydrocarbons and soils resulting from fires and chemical spills, while not degrading the FR and waterproof qualities of your turnout gear.


Most detergents and cleaners are very harsh on turnout gear and usually do more damage than good thanks to the harsh chemicals employed to provide a “clean” looking garment, but the reality is that even though most of the dirt may be gone, hydrocarbons & heavy metals remain and continue to gradually poison the wearer. CitroSqueeze is biodegradable, has near-neutral pH levels, and is specifically engineered to remove carcinogens from FR fabrics without damaging gear in the process.


Dirt and grime from fires aren’t only extremely hazardous themselves; they dangerously reduce the protective quality of turnouts and PPE fabrics and can often ignite. It’s simple – the cleaner your PPE gear, the safer your PPE gear.


Citrosqueeze is the only PPE cleaner tested and proven safe by Dupont, Southern Mills, W.L. Gore & Assocs. (Germany), 3M Products, Safety Components International Inc., and CIBA Speciality Chemicals.


The two routes of greatest concern for entry of carcinogens into the bodies of a firefighter are:

Through the lungs: when firefighters do not wear or prematurely remove SCBA, especially during overhaul

Dermal absorption: where toxicants are absorbed through the skin. Skin’s permeability increases with temperature and for every 5° increase in skin temperature, absorption increases 400%.”

Regular cleaning of PPE gear with CitroSqueeze can be extremely effective at removing up to 20 known carcinogens regularly exposed to firefighters in the process of their daily work.

Preserve the protective quality of your turnout gear with CitroSqueeze, the turnout gear cleaner used by some of the largest US fire departments and by authorized turnout gear cleaning and repairs centers nationwide.

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