Flir Thermal Imaging Camera K53


  • The FLIR K53 offers the reliable clarity and performance firefighters need to work quickly and safely in the smokiest environments. This TIC features FSX™ Flexible Scene Enhancement, which intensifies structural and textural details in thermal images. Thanks to the K53's enhanced perspective and orientation, firefighters gain better situational awareness as well as a greater sense of confidence and safety.

    • Firepower Simplified

      One glove-friendly button starts the K53 in TI-Basic mode, while one trigger-pull captures stills or records video.

    • Uncompromising Visual Quality

      320 × 240 resolution, a 60 Hz frame rate, and a bright 4" LCD all help you see more in smokey conditions.

    • Affordability Redefined

      The K53's affordable price helps fire and rescue departments get essential tools into the hands of those who could use them most.