HAIX Boot Paste - tub

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Just like any other high-quality leather product, protecting your boot investment is very important. Without proper care, over time leather can become hard and stiff. A dry, cracked boot is weaker and less comfortable to wear. This is why black leather boot polish is so important.

Make sure you are always prepared with our 5.5 lb. tub of black Active Shoe Polish - specially formulated for the care of your HAIX® footwear. Condition and restore your boot back to its original luster with our silicone-based black boot polish. Apply regularly to maintain the breathability and waterproofness of our thicker bullhide leather (wax or petroleum-based polishes can plug pores reducing the breathability and minimize our Sun Reflect technology, which helps our leather stay cooler).

HAIX black shoe polish is easy to apply with its integrated sponge and absorbs into the leather quickly, with just a small amount applied.