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SmartDummy™ Rescue

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    LION’s SmartDummy rescue manikin is tough enough to take on intense fire training and smart enough to interact with rescuers. Built with rugged, “firefighter-proof” materials, the SmartDummy rescue manikin can handle your toughest training requirements. Internal weighted padding and a flexible design provide uniform weight distribution and realistic feel. The interactive built-in VoiceBox makes it easy to record messages in between evolutions. Choose between continuous or sound activated playback. The SmartDummy rescue manikin can cough, call out for help, or direct rescuers to find additional victims.


    The SmartDummy is designed to withstand your toughest training evolutions. In addition to crush-resistant materials, the manikin comes with a rugged uni-shell covering, removable boots and a Drag Rescue Device (DRD strap). The SmartDummy’s internal weighted padding provides even weight distribution so that it feels like a real victim. Flexible joints enable a full range of mobility without pinch points. The programmable VoiceBox is located in the head for ease of access.


    Create victim removal scenarios with the extrication SmartDummy. Simulate a variety of serious bodily injuries including torso impalement or a severed arm or leg. The built-in VoiceBox gives your victim a voice and adds intenseinteractivity to the scenario.