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Fire rescue blades trusted by firefighters for forcible entry, extrication, USAR, and RIT. Cuts almost anything. Made of solid steel (up to 14"), so it won't shatter or lose segments. Cuts: Metal braces, hardened locks and shackles, hockey puck locks, security gates, chain link fence, car doors, galvanized steel guard rails, bulletproof glass, wood, drywall, 2x4s, plywood, stucco, concrete, rebar, and more.


Trusted by RIT, SOC, USAR and forcible entry teams worldwide

The perfect blade for all extrication, forcible entry and rescue operations!

That last thing you need to worry about is whether your blade will fail during a rescue. It's also the last thing that you'll need to worry about when you use Fire Rescue Safety Blades.

The Fire Rescue Safety Blade is made of solid steel (up to 14"), so it won't break and endanger your life like abrasive blades. It also cuts faster than abrasives, saving you time when it counts, and cuts more materials than welded blades, reducing the number of saws and blades that you have to carry to emergencies. The Fire Rescue Safety Blade is the best blade that you can buy for forcible entry, extrication, RIT and USAR.

The Fire Rescue Safety Blade is covered by our signature Life Time Operator Error Warranty, so you can confidently focus on saving lives without worrying about your blade losing segments, warping, wobbling or cracking from normal use.

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