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Elkhart 5000E & SM-10FE Master Stream Nozzle

Elkhart - 5000E & SM-10FE-01
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This line of nozzles has been created for specific challenges such as water flow limitations and protection needs of wildland firefighting, dust abatement, de-icing, etc. The 5000E & SM-10FE can be used in conjunction with smaller monitors such as the Sidewinder®. They deliver constant flow — straight stream, narrow fog (30°) or wide fog (90°) — with spinning teeth. Either automatic or fixed-flow nozzle types are available. The motor (12V or 24V DC available) is totally enclosed and sealed, and manual override is standard. Both master stream nozzles in this category feature lightweight Elk-O-Lite® construction with hard anodized finish and are AFFF compatible. Product Documents: