Extractor 30

  • The Extractor 30 (EW30) features a soft mounted design and a high capacity drum that is programmed to be NFPA 1851 compliant, making firefighter PPE safer and last longer.

    SKU: EW30 Dimensions: 32" L x 29.5" D x 42"H
    • Easy to use, preprogrammed wash cycles
    • Follows NFPA 1851 guidelines for proper PPE maintenance
    • Standard power hookup (120v/60Hz - Recommended Breaker - 20amp)
    • Utilizes standard plumbing hookups
    • Soft mount design, easy install
    • Connections available for an optional automatic soap injector
    • Front load design
    • 30lb. drum holds three to 6 pieces of turnout gear