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EZ Spanner Cyclops Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench

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Introducing the Ez Spanner “CYCLOPS” Single ratcheting hydrant wrench. You asked for it, so we listened! Our smallest, lightest, most compact ratcheting hydrant wrench is perfect for those districts that only require one size to fit all hydrants in the area. You get the same high strength, multi-functional tool as the rest of our line of wrenches, and you can also add the Ez Spanner “Breaker Bar” to the “CYCLOPS” wrench for added leverage on those really hard to open hydrants! Just choose any one of our 9 size options, then put your wrench to work!

· Body: High Strength Aluminum
· Gears and moving parts: 100% stainless steel
· Length: 11.75″
· Width: 3.75″ at its widest point
· Thickness: .75″ thick
· Weight: 2.0 lbs