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EZ Spanner Non-Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench

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The EZ Spanner™ standard hydrant wrench is a brand new product in our line of tools.  This wrench offers 5 options for finding just the right size to get caps and valves opened.  The unique design puts 2 of the most common sizes at the top of the wrench for maximum leverage.  The lightweight wench is made from high strength aluminum (sometimes referred to as aircraft grade) and has a very natural,  comfortable feel in your hand due to the wider ergonomic design.  It is protected by our blue anodized coating.

……also,check out our slide on extension handle for added leverage, it goes hand in hand with this tool and our “Billy Goat™ Wrench!”

· Body: High Strength Aluminum
· Length: 16″
· Width: 4″ at its widest point
· Thickness: 3/4″ thick
· Weight: 2 lbs