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EZ Spanner Tool / Hose Bag

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The EZ Spanner™ tool / hose bag is made to complement the EZ spanner™ line of tools, and will also work for most of the common hydrant tools in the field.  The bag attaches directly to your supply hose with 3 Velcro straps, and will even expand with your hose when it’s loaded!  It holds a variety of your selected hydrant tools. The bag is lightweight, yet constructed of a very durable, rip-stop waterproof material, specially designed for the job at hand.  This tool bag keeps your tools secure with a 2-sided Velcro closure, yet opens easily with one pull of the opening strap!  When not in use, your tools remain completely covered from the elements

· Length: 22″
· Width: 8″ Wide
· Weight: 2.0 lbs