Fotokite Sigma

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The Fotokite Sigma is deployed and used daily by a variety of public safety departments in real-world missions. Key advantages that this situational awareness system provides are added safety to your team, added efficiency in your response with team resource savings, and simplicity of deployment without the same safety problems and regulatory hurdles as traditional drones.

The Fotokite Sigma consists of the Ground Station and the Kite. A tablet or computer runs the Fotokite Live App which shows the real-time thermal and low-light video streams, giving teams actionable information throughout their mission safely and reliably; no piloting necessary.

Fotokite Sigma situational awareness system is available in 3 different configurations:

Rooftop Box - Built directly into the roof rack of light or heavy Public Safety vehicles, Fotokite provides the first practical daily-use tool for aerial intelligence.

Transport Case - Packaged in a rugged transport-ready case, Fotokite Sigma is a flexible solution ready for use across various missions, teams, and vehicles.

Tray Mount - Built-in to the side compartment of a fire apparatus or command vehicle, Fotokite becomes an integral part of the command team operations.

Fotokite Sigma

Flight Time

24 hours continuous (as long as vehicle is running or plugged into shore power)


1-year / 200 flight hours, with optional extended warranty available


Over-the-air firmware upgrades with auto flight log & service documentation

Log Storage

24 hour capacity, single button-push upload to optional cloud account at the station


1.2kg (2.6lbs) take-off weight, weather sealed carbon fiber & advanced composites


Thermal stream resolution of 320 x 240 / 27 fps. Can measure absolute temperature in range -40°C – 400°C, accuracy ± 5%. Low-light RGB stream resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080) / 30 fps / 12 MP / 16x Zoom (0.5x widest – 16x most zoomed). 

Ground Station

9kg (19.85lbs), single carry transport case configuration size: 504 x 352 x 230 mm (19.85 x 13.85 x 9.05 in)

Weather Rating

-10°C to 40°C (14°F to 104°F), IP55, ready to operate in rain, snow, & wind


Max height of 45m (150ft) from the Ground Station


Reinforced load rated ultrathin cable

LTE Modem & Video Streaming

Ethernet + WPA2 encrypted WiFi access point for live video streaming, plus integrated LTE Modem to stream live video remotely for mutual aid and remote incident command

Safety & Regulations Compliant

No piloting necessary; fully autonomous launching, flight, & landing


Secure video streaming & control link to the ground station via tether cable

Flight Control

Fotokite Autopilot with no GPS dependency

System Reliability

Auto pre-flight system checks, single-motor failure redundancy, controlled descent, backup flight power system for up to 120 seconds, backup ground station power system for control & recovery in power blackouts, redundant flight control, tether separation detection, automatic maintenance alerts