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FSI DAT3030S Pneumatic Hazmat Decon Shower 10'W X 10'L X 9'H

FSI - Pneumatic Decon Shower-01
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DAT3030S Portable Pneumatic Hazmat Decon Shower - Approx. 10’ W X 10’ L X 9’ H, 100 sq. Ft., 139 lbs. 2 Line Mass Casualty Decon Shower System that can handle two non-ambulatory stretchers or 4 ambulatory personnel or combinations of the above. Optional zipper closure doors for any decon shower instead of the velcro closure doors supplied as standard. Windows can be upgraded to large windows with gauntlets and HD chemical resistant gloves, for decon of patients/first responders from the outside of FSI DAT series decon showers by an attendant/doctor/nurse/other.
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