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FSI HEPA 400 CFM Air Carbon Filter Cleaning Unit

FSI - HEPA 400 Air Cleaning Unit-01
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HEPA 400 CFM Air carbon filter cleaning unit - continuously clean 1,500 cu. ft. + of air with approx. 12 + air changes per hour. One unit will handle up to DAT3060/DAT3060S sized units and still meet CDC infectious isolation requirement of 12 ACH/HR air exchanges per hr. dimensions = 27"x19"x19" wt. = 53 lbs Filter is True Medical Grade, DOP tested and certified HEPA 400 replacement carbon filter only w. KI and KOH impregnates - blend is potassium iodide 10:1:1 ratio and mixed with activated carbon and zeolite - 10 parts AC, 1 part zeolite, 1 part potassium iodide. Spare Filters available Product Documents: