Gear Keeper Mic, Rotating Belt Clip Industrial

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This compact device provides convenience and safety of mics for a host of applications.  It conveniently attaches any hand-held microphone to the belt of its user, providing instant access, fast stowage, and security against loss.

The Gear Keeper® Mic Keeper® With Rotating Belt Clip is based on the proven Mini Gear Keeper® retractor. Weighing in at just 1.4 ounces, this compact, self-contained device attaches directly to the wearers belt or pants; the uniquely designed clip rotates a full 360 degrees for comfort and snagless performance. Once in place, the microphone is connected (via a quick-connect system) to the self-retracting lanyard which spring-coils inside the Mic Keeper. This way, its easy to grab the mic from the belt-line, talk, and then let it snap back into place, ready for fast, immediate access at all times.

The Mic Keeper® With Rotating Belt Clip is built to withstand the rigorous demands of emergency personnel.  The units stainless steel cable is coated with nylon, and has a 60-pound breaking strength. The impact-resistant case is rain- and saltwater-proof.