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The newest addition to the Ponn family, the Gladiator is a premier hose which has a polyester outside jacket that encompasses a very durable nitrile-through-the-weave inside liner. Built to last, the rugged hose is constructed with extruded through-the-weave nitrile rubber liner with a durable outer polyester jacket providing incredible strength and long-lasting performance. The Gladiator performs well at high or low pressures, has a smooth and enhanced waterway for better flows and less kinking than other products on the market. Both the nitrile-through-the-weave inner lining and outer jacket are proudly made at our factories in Pennsylvania, USA.

  • Innovative Design. When subjected to a static pressure of 100 PSI shall be capable of safely with-standing a surface temperature of 1200º F (648º C) applied by a hot metal cube for a minimum of 45 seconds without burstin. Additionally, the Service Test Pressure is 500 PSI, making it a very durable and reliable hose.
  • Durable. Optional Dura-Cote™ treatment extends the life of the hose and greatly increases abrasion, heat, flame and petrochemical resistance while virtually eliminating water pick-up. Also protects from mildew and no drying is required.
  • Flexible. Remains flexible to temperatures as low as -50°F (-45°C) and is highly resistant to ozone and oxidation. Kink resistance exceeds that of lightweight jacketed hose.
  • Versatile. Suitable for use with CAFS and foam solutions.
  • Certified. Manufactured in accordance with NFPA 1961 Standard, latest edition within our ISO-9001 certified quality assurance system.