HAIX Zipper Kit (1 Zipper Per Kit)

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Product information "HAIX Zipper"

Replacement zipper for NFPA zip-up fire and EMS boots are independent of the boot and help to provide a customized fit. Easily adjust the fit of your boot by loosening the laces on each side of the zipper, closing the zipper, then tightening the laces for a secure but comfortable fit.

Helpful hint: If the boot zipper grips become stuck, they can be released easily using a few drops of silicone or sewing machine oil.  Also, don't forget to add the cable tie between the bottom two eyelets! This helps stabilize the zipper and avoids uncomfortable deformation that can occur in the toe flex.

Boot zipper replacements are available for Airpower® XR1, Airpower® XR2, Airpower® XR2 Winter, and Fire Flash® Xtreme.

Sold individually. If you need to replace the zipper in each of your boots, please order 2.

Laces not included and sold separately.