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Husky - PRO500™ Tank Liner
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Husky has designed a new folding frame tank liner called the “PRO500™”, patent pending. The PRO500™ is designed with mega capacity in mind. There are specially designed “bladders” that are welded to the side walls of the liner that when deployed will add approx. 500 gallons of much needed capacity to the original size of your tank. The standard PRO500™ liner has four bladders installed, two on each folding side. When deployed the bladders extend out from the frame creating the extra capacity. Each bladder can be deployed on its own. If you have space issues on one side of the tank only deploy the opposite side and still get approx. 250 gallons added. The bladders are secured with a unique strapping system that allows them to be rolled up in a non-usable mode. When you are ready to store your PRO500™ tank secure the bladders with the strapping system and it will fit in your standard portable tank rack. Besides the capacity gain the big advantage of the PRO500™ liner is it will fit into your old existing frame, guaranteed. Just purchase the liner, install it in your frame and have the extra capacity you need. The PRO500™ liner can be customized by adding bladders or making the existing bladders bigger. If, for example, you have a 2100 gallon tank and want 2500-2600 gallons capacity look no further than the PRO500™. Product Catalogue: