North American Fire Hose - Poly-Tuff 1200

  • Poly-Tuff 1200™ Features

    EPDM Rubber Lining / Polyester Jacket

    • Special heavy duty, high pressure 2-1/2" double jacket construction designed to supply water to standpipe and sprinkler systems in high rise buildings.
    • Achieves 600 psi annual service test pressure / 1200 psi acceptance pressure / 1800 psi minimum burst pressure ratios required by the NFPA 1961 Fire Hose Standard.
    • Designed especially for the unique fire fighting challenges encountered in delivering water to the top of the 1,149 foot tall “Stratosphere Tower” in Las Vegas, with a gravity head of 498 pounds per square inch.
    • This all polyester construction incorporates heavy gauge, higher tensile strength Poly-Cord™ spun polyester warp yarns, combined with heavy denier, high tenacity filament polyester filler yarns in order to achieve the extreme pressure capability required for this application.
    • A unique Hose Lok™ coupling bonding system permanently bonds the special expansion ring aluminum coupling to the heavy duty hose construction, while exceeding the minimum burst pressure requirement.
    • Unique Ultra-Shield™ high-performance polyurethane coating seals each and every fiber in the bundle, further improving abrasion resistance, reducing moisture and chemical absorption, and providing vivid color-coded identification. The Ultra-Shield™ coating is included at no additional charge.
    • The EPDM rubber lining is unaffected by Ozone deterioration and is one component in the Friction Fighter System™, creating an extremely smooth waterway surface, thereby reducing friction loss and significantly improving nozzle performance.
    • The Dura-Bond™ vulcanized adhesion system, which creates both a mechanical and chemical bond between the EPDM lining and the inner jacket, eliminates the possibility of delamination as is experienced with competitive adhesive bonded rubber lined constructions.
    • Our highest pressure product remains true to the “Tuff” family of all polyester constructions.
    • See the Ultra-Shield section for available colors.
    • Both the hose and couplings are Made in the USA and are fully NFPA 1961 compliant.



    2 1⁄2" PT-1200 1200 PSI 600 PSI 3" 35 lbs.

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