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Ponn Gladiator FGN Hose

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Ponn Gladiator FGN is our family of exact-ID attack hoses built for low-pressure, high-flow firefighting environments. Built upon the success of our industry leading Gladiator attack hose product, you can count on the Gladiator FGN family to deliver the highest water flows, industry-leading kink resistance, and exceptional durability. Built to last, this rugged hose is constructed with an extruded thruthe- weave nitrile rubber liner with a durable outer polyester jacket providing incredible strength and long-lasting performance. Gladiator FGN products are 100% manufactured, assembled, & tested in Erie County, Pennsylvania, USA – ask our competition where their components are made!


  • FGN designed for 7/8″ Smooth Tip, to be flowed at 160 gpm flow rate
  • FLOW= 29.71 * (D)^2 * Sq Root (P)
  • A combat attack line designed with a 1.77″ ID waterway to the 143-176 GPM flow model.
  • Highly resistant to both conductive and radiant heat.
  • The Service Test Pressure is 500 PSI, making it a very durable and reliable hose.
  • Performance rated at -20°F to 180°F (-29°C to 82°C).
  • Standard Dura-Cote protective treatment available in NFPA colors.
  • Manufactured in accordance with NFPA 1961 Standard, latest edition within our ISO- 9001:2015 certified quality assurance system.