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The latest in Pin-Free Rescue

Apex X-Strut® Heavy-Duty Lifting Strut

The NEW Apex X-Strut® takes the popular, user-friendly design of our Auto X-Strut® and beefs it up for even more capability.  This well-rounded strut features the combination of a threaded inner tube and a square outer tube, allowing for a built-in ratchet on the standard strut, and an internal positive stop to eliminate the risk of over extension. The Apex accepts all pin-free end fittings on both the standard and short size strut.

Benefits of a Res-Q-Jack® brand Apex X-Strut® Heavy-Duty Lifting Strut

The Apex X-Strut® comes standard with our Swivel CRG head fitting which gives you a variety of purchase point options and rotates 360° to easily find any purchase point.

Change head fittings in an instant with the pull of a single retaining pin.  Apex X-Strut® is compatible with our pin-free end fittings and other manufactures end fittings, so you can swap out with neighboring departments during mutual aid response.

Threaded inner tubing allows for fast and smooth adjustments without pins.  The unique design allows for a positive stop, keeping the inner tube from rotating under lighter loads, and eliminating the risk of over extension.

The Apex X-Strut® features the combination of a milled aluminum inner tube with a welded aluminum chassis for superior strength when shoring, stabilizing and lifting, without adding weight.