Scotty Fire Gel Applicators

Scotty - Fire Gel Applicators-01

    • Applicators for all brands of aqueous fire fighting Gels, like Barricade, Phos-Chek, Thermo-Gel and No-Char.
    • Scotty makes the most economical, effective and easy to use Gel Delivery Systems available today.
    • Fire Gel concentrates consist of super absorbent polymers that absorb and grow to hundreds, even thousands of times their size when exposed to water.
    • The polymers, with all that extra water, provide an excellent thermal barrier against fire. The clinging properties of Fire Gel enable it to be applied precisely where it is needed.
    • Fire Gels can be applied to metal, glass, stucco and wood.
    • When properly applied, Fire Gels will remain hydrated and effective for many hours.

    4047-PP30 30 GPM Gel Kit with pick-up tube and hose. (5 gallon gel pail not included.)

    4047-3 3GPM Gel Kit
    4075-GEL15 15GPM Gel Kit

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