Scotty Foam Factory

Scotty - Foam Factory-01

    • Transforms any pressurized fire hose or water supply line into a fire foam generating station.
    • A fire crew can arrive at an incident where a quick layer of foam is required, such as a spill or haz-mat situation, attach a supply hose and place the foam where it is needed.
    • The unit can be left unattended to create a blanket of foam over a large area.
    • The system consists of a 15 GPM Scotty Foam Eductor set for either 1% for Class A foam or 3% for Class B foam, a Fog Nozzle with Medium Expansion Attachment, a bale Shut-Off with 1-½"swivel connection mounted on a cap and a pick-up assembly for a 5 gallon pail.
    • The Foam Factory is designed for a nominal operating pressure of between 50 and 100 PSI.
    • Please specify standard NHT or NPSH thread when ordering.