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Scotty Forestry Foam Pump and Backpack

Scotty - Forestry Foam Pump and Backpack-01
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4000F-BP Foam Hand Pump and Backpack 4000F Foam Hand Pump only 4002A Water/Foam Backpack only 4062 4ft. Pick-up Hose
• All the components and features of the 4000-BP Hand Pump & Backpack (above) with the addition of a foam eductor and air-aspirating nozzle (4003).
• The 4000F-BP eliminates the need to batch mix when Class A foam is required.
• Each time pump draws water, foam concentrate is educted at 1% into the pump chamber.
• The 4003 air-aspirating nozzle generates foam when the pump is discharged.
• Includes 4 foot Pick-up Hose with Quick Connect Shut-Off and Pump Service Kit (4000SERV-DB).

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