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Scotty Super Spanner Hydrant Wrench

Scotty - Super Spanner Hydrant Wrench
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• Operates standard 1-½” and 1-¼” pentagon fire hydrant nuts.
• Opens large and small bungs on 55 gallon drums.
• Fits hose couplers ranging from 3” (76 mm) up to 7” (178 mm).
• 4 and 5" Stortz fittings.
• Opens standard 70 mm caps on 5 gallon foam concentrate containers.
• Municipal gas cock shut off.
• Oxygen tank shut-off and quick release snap hook.
• Fits optional 4580 Mounting Bracket (below).
• Weighs 14 oz (400 g) and is 17-3/4” (450 mm) long.

The Scotty 4579 Super Spanner and Gas Wrench is a durable, light weight wrench used to tighten and loosen larger size fire hose couplers. Designed for use on swivel hose fittings and anvil lug couplers ranging from 3" (76mm) up to 7" (178mm) hose lines and most Stortz fittings. The 4579 Wrench can also be used to operate standard 1.5" and 1.25" pentagon fire hydrant nuts. The tool will also open standard 70mm caps on 5 gallon foam concentrate pails and the large and small threaded plugs on 55 gallon drums. In addition there are two different sized slots incorporated into the wrench handle for use as a gas cock shut off. The wrench is spark and corrosion proof and includes a quick snap belt clip.