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SmartDummy™ Thermal

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    LION’s SmartDummyTMThermal uses embedded heat emitters combined with innovative heat diffusion technology to accurately recreate a person’s thermal signature. Additionally, rechargeable batteries and strong, abrasion resistant body construction mean the Thermal Manikin is tough enough to endure any training scenario, anywhere your training goes.


    Thermal imaging cameras (TIC) are rapidly becoming standard tools for first responders. That’s why it’s more important than ever that your trainees are prepared to effectively locate victims in an emergency situation. LION’s SmartDummy Thermal allows instructors to demonstrate the fundamentals of how thermal imaging cameras work. It also teaches advanced techniques for locating victims in restricted visibility conditions – without having to expose a human “victim” to potentially harmful conditions. Such training operations can include the following LION Thermal Manikin set-ups: Place the Thermal Manikin in a smoke-filled training structure or darkened room for realistic search and rescue training. Position the Thermal Manikin behind walls to challenge your trainees to properly use their thermal imaging cameras as life-saving tools.


    Because the Thermal Manikin contains built-in power supplies, it is also ideal for training exercises involving outdoor, cold weather and wilderness search operations.