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Traverse Rescue Mule II Litter Wheel with Handles

Traverse Rescue - Mule II Litter Wheel with Handles
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The optional Handles for the Mule II Litter Wheel offer tremendous flexibility in use. The Mule Handles are purchased separately but it is advised to purchase a set for best use.


Being adjustable in height, (four positions) they allow for much easier movement down-hill, as well as to compensate for different heights of operators. There is one pin on each side of the handles that locks them into position. Each pin has a shock-cord "Keeper".


The wide-set handles give much more leverage than when simply holding onto the top rail of a stretcher, thereby reducing fatigue to the rescuers, and offering a more secure feel and ride to the patient.


When not in use, the Handles fold flat, one going on top of the Mule, while the other one swings down and under the Mule, providing the most compact and efficient storage possible.


Product Features

  • Adjustable in height
  • Handles fold away for optimal storage