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The TurboFlare™ LED Safety Flares provides excellent day and night emergency lighting for all conditions and provides warning for any emergency situation. Perfect for First Responder warnings and traffic flow usage, temporary helicopter landing site markers, or breakdown warnings, the Turbo Flare™ is your best solution for on and off road emergency lighting.
Turbo Flare™ products are easy to carry and store. Most importantly, they are safe! Unlike old, out-dated style incendiary fuses, there is NO danger of fire to the vehicle, or from fire wind blown sparks.
  • No more singed pant legs from lighting incendiary flares.
  • No more burned hands.
  • No more breathing toxic fumes.
  • No need to monitor burning fusee.
  • No need to relight burnt out fusee.
The TurboFlare™ will work in any weather condition: Rain, Snow, Fog, Smoke, and Wind. Because they are Shock, Vibration, And Water Proof, No maintenance is required. The base of DuPont™ Surlyn, is resistant to chemical damage from gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuel, road salts and chorine. The TurboFlare™ has strength to withstand being driven over by a Fire Engine or a Tractor Trailer.
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