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Wall Mounted Red Rack Gear Storage

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The Red Rack Advantage!

Structurally superior design does not require rear grid.

• Red Rack is designed to stand up to the rugged demands of the Fire Service.

• Tubular steel design is the strongest configuration on the market and does not require a rear grid.

• SAFER! Open back design allows easy access to your station’s building code approved electrical outlets.

• Easier to install! Design does not obstruct switches or outlets.

• Maintenance friendly! Clean and / or paint walls without removing the rack.

Red Rack 20" Compartments

Model # Length
RRWM-1/20 21.75"
RRWM-2/20 42.50"
RRWM-3/20 63.25"
RRWM-4/20 84"
RRWM-5/20 104.75"
RRWM-6/20 125.5"
RRWM-7/20 146.25"
RRWM-8/20 167"
RRWM-9/20 187.75"
RRWM-10/20 208.5"
RRWM-11/20 229.25"
RRWM-12/20 249"
RRWM-13/20 270.75"
RRWM-14/20 291.5"
RRWM-15/20 312.25"

Red Rack 24" Compartments

Model # Length
RRWM-1/24 25.75"
RRWM-2/24 50.25"
RRWM-3/24 75.25"
RRWM-4/24 100"
RRWM-5/24 124.75"
RRWM-6/24 149.5"
RRWM-7/24 174.25"
RRWM-8/24 199"
RRWM-9/24 233.75"
RRWM-10/24 248.5"
RRWM-11/24 273.25"
RRWM-12/24 298"
RRWM-13/24 322.75"
RRWM-14/24 347.5"
RRWM-15/24 372.25"

Wall Mounted Red Rack Security Option

Model # Description
SEC-20 20" Compartment Security option. Security option includes top security shelf and lockable door
SEC-24 24" Compartment Security option. Security option includes top security shelf and lockable door
Wall Mounted Red Rack Wall Spacer Option

Wall spacers allow Red Racks to be mounted away from wall (2” or 6”)
to install on walls where exposed conduit or piping are pre-existing

NOTE: When the unit is moved out away from the wall the bottom bracket will be secured to the floor.

When 2" Wall Spacers are ordered you will always receive 6" wall spacers these will be the bottom support brackets.

Model # Description
WS-2 2" Wall Spacer
WS-6 6" Wall Spacer