Winsol - Inner Liner Cleaner 20L

WIN-Inner Liner Cleaner 20L
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Inner Liner Cleaner

​Specialty Fabric Cleaner effectively cleans all high-tech fabrics such as 
GORE-TEX® without leaving residues which impair breathability and water resistance.

Moisture barrier fabrics were placed in turnout gear to help dissipate moisture and expel heat to keep the fire fighter cooler and more comfortable by allowing perspiration vapor to escape the garment and preventing water from penetrating to the skin. 

Perspiration salts, skin oils, dirt and hydrocarbons block the micro-pores of these fabrics and hinder the benefits of using barrier fabrics as liners. In order to restore the qualities of these fabrics, a cleaning system had to be designed to pass through the micro-pores, flush out all the trapped soils and oils, and still rinse residue free.

Specialty Fabric Cleaner is a concentration of chelates, surfactants and sequestriants designed specifically to rinse away all the residues and hydrocarbons without leaving any “soap” residue which could impair the integrity of the fabric.