Winsol - Turnout Pre-Soak Spotter 20L

WIN-Pre-Soak 20L
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Citrus based pre-soak and spotter

Turnout Spotter is a citrus based presoak and hard stain remover.

Turnout Spotter removes tar, grease, and soot from nylon,GORE-TEX®,PBI,Kevlar®, Nomex®  and polypropylene.

Turnout Spotter is a potent citrus cleaner with emulsifiers and degreasers. It is designed to remove the most difficult stains that detract from their turnouts and could potentially lead to injury.

Fire and smoke borne soils, soot and tars tenaciously attach themselves to the firefighter’s gear and if not removed, can become dangerous sources of combustion. Use Turnout Spotter on any part of the turnout shell, any fabric, leather and reflectors to loosen and remove all combustible stains and residues.

Turnout Spotter is used by spraying directly on stains before laundering, soaking in a diluted solution prior to cleaning or brushing into the fabric for simple spotting.